The heart of FERMAWAY technology

FERMAWAY® AERATOR is the essence of the success of FERMAWAY® technology.

FERMAWAY® AERATOR enables efficient and fast water aeration, with simultaneous degazation, i.e. removal of unwanted gases such as hydrogen sulphide, methane, carbon dioxide. Ground water has often a high content of iron, manganese and ammonia, whose subsequent removal allows successful aeration.

FERMAWAY® aeration systems purifies ground water from all these contaminants with an outstanding result meeting the quality requirements for drinking water prescribed by the European Union directives giving a clean and tasty drinking water to a low cost.

The most important part of the AERATOR is OXYMIXER mixers, which enable an unusually efficient mixing of water and air. In the aerator tank there are tubes in which water and air are mixed. During this process, a large amount of filtered air is sucked directly into the water without the use of additional equipment except the well pump. The water, under a heavy turbulent flow is simultaneously dispersed into very small water drops, mainly to a mist, and is effectively mixed with the fresh air achieving an immediate and very intense aeration and oxidizing reaction. Oxygen from the air oxidizes metals present in water, such as iron and manganese, which leads to their precipitation and retention on sand filters.

The aerator consists of a vessel and several mixing devices in which water and air are mixed. Vessels, mixing devices and valves (manual or motorized) are made of stainless steel and during the aeration process, water is in the contact only with stainless steel. The size, shape and equipment of the aeration vessel and the number of OXYMIXER, mixing devices, are depending on the flow of raw water to be treated and the different types and concentration of contaminants in the raw water.

FERMAWAY® aerators can be designed according to the flow and purpose:

  • For spring water
  • For different sand filter types
  • For all capacities

FERMAWAY® aerators allow:

  • Continuous operation without interruptions caused by faults and service
  • For open sand filters, no additional pump is needed