FERMAWAY® aeration system is a patented and specially developed technology for water purification in a natural way, without the use of chemicals. The process is a combination of intense aeration, natural chemical oxidation, biological oxidation and filtering on sand filters. With our own developed and improved technology and equipment, successful and effective natural water purification with high energy and financial savings are achieved.


FERMAWAY® AERATOR enables efficient and fast aeration of water, which results in the oxidation of metals present in water such as iron and manganese, with simultaneous degazation, ie removal of unwanted gases such as hydrogen sulphide, methane, carbon dioxide. Efficient aeration creates the necessary preconditions for successful biological removal of ammonia.


FERMAWAY® aeration systems purifies ground water from all these contaminants with an outstanding result meeting the quality requirements for drinking water prescribed by the European Union directives giving a clean and tasty drinking water to a low cost.

The most important part of the AERATOR is OXYMIXER mixers, which enable an unusually efficient mixing of water and air. In the aerator tank there are tubes in which water and air are mixed. During this process, a large amount of filtered air is sucked directly into the water without the use of additional equipment except the well pump. The water, under a heavy turbulent flow is simultaneously dispersed into very small water drops, mainly to a mist, and is effectively mixed with the fresh air achieving an immediate and very intense aeration and oxidizing reaction.



High quality water

The biggest benifit for use of FERMAWAY® aeration technology is higher quality of
drinkable water.

Low costs

The operating costs of FERMAWAY® aeration technology are lower than for other systems as a result of simplified operations …

Easy installation

The FERMAWAY® aeration technology is easelly installed on existing buildings, pipes, pressure vessels, only the aeration equipment being renewed.

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