With our own developed and improved technology and equipment, successful and effective natural water purification with high energy and financial savings is achieved.

The biggest benefit is higher water quality.

The operating costs of FERMAWAY® aeration technology are lower than for other systems as a result of simplified operations, no oxidizing chemicals, small energy costs, reduced staffing, little maintenance and low capital costs.

For aeration of the water no blowing engine or compressor is needed, no chemicals are added.

The aeration vessel is designed for continous operation and is independent of the size or type of pressure tank or gravity fed sand filters.

Among the advantages with the FERMAWAY aeration system is that existing buildings, pipes, pressure vessels, sand filters and pumps often can be used and only the aeration equipment being renewed. If there are gravity fed sand filters there is normally no need for an extra distribution pump from the aeration vessel. Existing pressure vessels can be used with a distribution pump added.

Together with our alliance partners we can provide turnkey services for modernizing, rebuilding or construction of new water treatment plants. We can offer equipment for all processes of water purification and treatment, such as: sand filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis, disinfection of water and chemical treatment.